About the Project...

Greenhouse for a Greener World is a youth operated, youth oriented greenhouse project out of the heart of Thunder Bay, Ontario. We are part of YouthScapes, a multi city United Way project aimed at providing youth with the opportunity to get active in their communities. WE ARE PUNKS WHO GROW, PUNKS WHO LEARN, PUNKS WHO SHARE, and PUNKS WHO GET INVOLVED!

Just watch what we can do!

Questions? Comments? Wanna get involved? E-mail us at youthgreenhouse[at]gmail[dot]com




...Well, almost.

It's been a tough road. On and off for the past two weeks we've been raisin' and a buildin'. Our 'ready-to-assemble' greenhouse has been a bit of a hassle. And our crew is mostly composed of kids like me, with next to zero building skills. And it always seems to want to rain on the days we're out there building.

But dang it all, we're almost there. We've laid the base, put up the arches, attached the cross beams (with only minor persuasion,) pulled the plastic over the top, and even have a door that opens and closes! Say whaaaat!

Just the two end walls and we'll have something beyond beautiful that will even make our Southern Ontario readers jealous!

Now, here's the time where I get a little teary:

I really have to say thanks to everybody who has been helping to make this dream a reality. This little project is beyond lucky to have such positive, hard working, persistent and skillful people volunteering their time for us. Big shout outs to my project partners in crime Lisa and Erin W, and a million and five hundred thousand thank yous to Bryan, Krestrel, Erica, Joseph, Erin B, Will, Dave and Kevin for being so brilliant. I mean it guys. Without you we never could have come close to building this beasty.

And that's that!

I'll put pictures up when I figure out how... (?)

Check back in a few days for some news... I'm working on a way to get community service hours for highschool students if they start their own vegetable garden. :)

Yea you know you wanna gaaaarden.

Keep well!