About the Project...

Greenhouse for a Greener World is a youth operated, youth oriented greenhouse project out of the heart of Thunder Bay, Ontario. We are part of YouthScapes, a multi city United Way project aimed at providing youth with the opportunity to get active in their communities. WE ARE PUNKS WHO GROW, PUNKS WHO LEARN, PUNKS WHO SHARE, and PUNKS WHO GET INVOLVED!

Just watch what we can do!

Questions? Comments? Wanna get involved? E-mail us at youthgreenhouse[at]gmail[dot]com


Spring and Wigglers!

Hey there good lookin'!

It's been a while since you've heard from us, but not without reason. Winter is slowly, painfully slowly edging its way out of the city, and we are slowly make plans and preparations for spring! Here's what's in the works:

Red Wiggler compost bins, 5 of them, have been ordered! We're hoping to be able to raffle them off later in the summer, but for now, Cindy, Erin, Lisa and I will be giving them as much tender love and care as a worm could hope for, and in return the worms will provide us with rich, beautiful, worm poop, great for the garden! Hurray! lol. If you are interested in starting your own worm bin, check out the FAQ's on this site, Cathy's Crawly Composters where we ordered our worms from.

In greenhouse news, our crew is hoping to be able to head on out to visit our friends at Belluz Farms to work exchange for some valuable greenhouse knowledge. Yay! Kevin, the owner, is being really helpful to our crew, providing us with the kind of know-how only experience can teach.

For now, that's it. Feel free to go around shoveling and stomping on snow banks to encourage them to melt quicker, and keep your minds focused on spring! It's here, you can feel it in the air!

See ya!


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